Allt-Energy Hydropower Services

About Allt-Energy Ltd

Allt-Energy are a private Limited Company set up by Charlie Bateman in April 2010 to assist owners and developers with design, planning, construction and operation of their own hydroelectric generating schemes. We pride ourselves on developing good long-term working relationships with our Clients - this is important because a project typically takes two or more years from initial site surveys through to construction and commissioning... then the on-going task of operation and maintenance.


Allt-Energy specialise in run-of-river schemes in the range of 15kW to 2MW. We provide a functional and cost effective engineering design and consultancy service tailored to the individual needs of each project – we do not ask our Clients to sign up to 'Exclusivity Agreements'.

Every hydropower scheme is unique. There are many factors that need to be considered such as; build-ability, grid connection, hydrology, licensing, development costs and operational revenue. Feasibility studies provide owners and developers with an early opportunity to quickly assess some of these issues.

We tailor these studies to individual project circumstances, focusing on what we consider to be the most significant risks affecting its viability. This provides owners and developers with a progressive and prudent approach to project development - the aim being to reduce risk as financial commitment increases.

Successful development of projects requires the careful amalgamation of a range of specialist disciplines such as; hydrology, ecology, archaeology, structural and civil engineering, and electrical and mechanical engineering. It is not economically beneficial to carry all this expertise 'in-house' consequently Allt-Energy has formed associations with other independent professional specialists to enable all disciplines to be catered for - our main objective being to provide a consistent professional service at the highest standard.

About Charlie Bateman

Charlie Bateman was born in Stirling in and went to school in Callander before attending The Robert Gordon University (in Aberdeen) where he graduated with a BEng degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.


Upon leaving university, Charlie joined Rolls-Royce Ltd as a graduate engineer at their Dounreay facility in Caitheness. From Rolls-Royce, Charlie later moved on to W. L. Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd (most famed for their waterproof fabric) as a design and plant engineer. In 2006 Charlie started working in the hydro industry, specifically focusing on run-of-river schemes in the range of 200kW to 2MW, before setting up his own business (Allt-Energy Ltd) in April 2010.